Shakespeare Week

Shakespeare Week


As it’s Shakespeare Week this week I thought I’d try to incorporate something into my Year 11 and Year 10 IGCSE ICT classes without disturbing the sequence of what was already planned.

As we are into the revision plan for Year 11s and they need the time to practice tasks for the practical Paper 2 and 3 some background music was called for:


With the Year 10 students there is more flexibility. This half-term we have been looking at word processing, and how to use more advanced layout techniques in Microsoft Word.

So why not give them a lovely task of creating, EXACTLY as it is in the book, the following on one A4 page in Word.

Macbeth opening page


At first glance this looks easy, you can just type in the text. However there are two pages (very close to both being A5) that need to be on one A4 page, so should they use columns or not (text boxes are not allowed). There are different fonts, different styles, italicised text, a horizontal line, different font sizes, tabbed text as well as several other formatting options that the students will need to use to make it an accurate copy.

As they will have the textbook their pages will be clearer that the image above, but they still have to work out what font has been used and what are the text sizes to make it fit.

In the background, as a distraction, was the animated tale of Macbeth, and then to round things off the music as was in Year 11.

This blog post was written and originally posted on 13 March by myself at It has been slightly modified and image links changed.

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