#WMD2018 and other events

World Maths Day 2018 (#WMD2018)

It’s back – World Maths Day is on again; this time on Wednesday 7 March 2018.

I’m back, both actively using twitter as well as back  using this blog; it’s been a long time! The last post I did was about Mathletics so I thought it would be appropriate to start afresh with one on the same topic.

World Maths Day (WMD) has been around for a long time. I remember having a great time over 10 years ago motivating students to play and it was so much fun for us all. Those were the days when the results were based on the total number of points, with unlimited games. As such I had a few students playing almost non-stop through the day and night of the event, and that was before we had worked out that it is actually a 48 hour event i.e. whenever it is that day somewhere in the world.

WMD Header

Now things have changed, first was the change to the “World Education Games” a few years ago, incorporating World Maths Day, World Spelling Day and World Science Day each on for a day annually in October, up to 2013. Then 3P learning (the organisers) changed it to every 2 years, with a delay to March 2015. Then, for whatever corporate reason it was dropped totally.

Now it’s back, well the World Maths Day part of the World Education Games. The format is the same, students play Live Mathletics, competing against students throughout the world. However the old days of play, play, play (before around 2010) are well and truly over. Now students are limited to a maximum of 20 games that count (each games lasts one minute), with their year/class deciding which level their scoring points are from.

WMD points chart

I have students who graduated 12 years ago (so now around 30 years old), who still tell me how much fun WMD was. I also have a student who was one of the only 2 European Student Ambassadors back in 2013, when in Year 6 (now about to take his IGCSEs!) He remembers escorting the British and Canadian Ambassadors around the school and showing them what the WMD was all about, as well as visiting other embassies and doing an interview for a national magazine.

So whilst it is up and running again, it is definitely being kept low-key (e.g. no Student Ambassadors). With an anticipated 4 million students taking part it will undoubtedly be fun, so just as in previous years my students will take part and enjoy alongside their peers. In addition with only 20 games counting per student, they need only a single lesson to complete all the games, thus ensuring they can all take a full part because it is much easier to organise.

I look forward to seeing the results, and motivating the students to enjoy using their calculating skills, and then handing out the prizes to our top students.

You can sign up your school/see full details at http://worldmathsday.com/ and follow via @worldedugames with the hashtag as in this post’s title.

Other upcoming events

Another couple of events my school will be involved in during March –

World Book Day – 1 March 2018

World Book Day

Full details at http://worldbookday.com/ and via @WorldBookDayUK with the hashtag #WorldBookDay.

Shakespeare Week – 12-18 March 2018

Shakespeare Week

Full details at http://shakespeareweek.org.uk/ and via @shakespeareweek with the hashtag #ShakespeareWeek.

So lots of fun in Belgrade in March 🙂


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