Taking the 100 Word Challenge

Well done to all those on the Team 100 WCย ๐Ÿ™‚

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The 100 WC is short for 100 word challenge, a weekly event whereby a phrase/picture is given out and students then type up a creative piece using only 100 words.

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The BIS Year 7 (Grade 6) class finally, finally(!), got around to entering this weekly event. It’s something that was done during the registration period here at BIS (8:30-8:45 am), and overseen by their form tutor.

Last week’s topic (Week 9 of 2013-14) was “…the violent storm was..”, due to the expected storms then in the UK. This gives you an idea of the fact that topics can be random and based upon events/ideas of the team as they happen. Therefore students have no idea of what exciting topic will come next.

By using their registration period it a) doesn’t impact upon their lessons (so other teachers are kept happy!) b) there can be a more relaxed informal approach to creative writing and c) it allows the form tutor (who doesn’t teach them English) to create a closer link with the students.

Once typed up the form tutor checked the student’s work and then uploaded it to the class blogย by the Friday of that week. Then, in a relatively easy procedure, the form tutor linked the blog post pages to the appropriate 100 WC page.

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The best bit of it though was the faces of the students the following Monday morning in their registration period. ย The form tutor showed them, via a projector, so on a large screen, the comments other teachers had added. By Monday registration 8 out of 10 student posts had received at least one comment and they were stunned that someone had not only taken the time to read their creative work, but also to say what they thought of it. It should be noted that 10 out of 10 were added by the end of the Monday.

These comment makers were teachers/educators from New Zealand, Australia, and the UK who had read a post or two and then added a positive comment about that post. These teachers/educators were all volunteers, and part of the Team 100 WC.

So, if you are looking for a great idea for your registration time – why not try the 100 Word Challenge – there were 699 entries for Week 9.

Well done to the following; with links to their posts (and thereby the comments they received) ๐Ÿ™‚

They, and the few who didn’t enter for Week 9 ย in Year 7, are now keen and eager to get on with the Week 10 topic, based on a picture taken by Jane Hewitt:Week 10 WC topic
I eagerly await reading their posts, and subsequent comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Hi Neil,

    Thanks so much for supporting the 100 WC. I read Cameron’s entry and was very impressed this week! Hope the students enjoyed entering!


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