Perfect ICT Every Lesson – review

Well the half-term for myself and the students at BIS is almost over. Christmas to look forward to next ūüôā

One of my personal objectives was to take the time to read and think about a great little book that is just out (October 2013), “Perfect ICT Every Lesson“:

Perfect ICT Every Lesson book cover

Written by Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist), currently Director of E-Learning at¬†Sir Bernard Lovell School¬†in¬†Bristol, UK. This is one of¬†Jackie Beere‘s (editor) Perfect Series, published by the¬†Independent Thinking Press.

It’s basically a book with great advice, simply put, for all teachers using ICT in their lessons, and as a personal development tool. It’s also a great read for parents who want to know what can (should) be done in schools.

It was obviously reviewed by many practising teachers of ICT, as can both be attested by the Praise at the beginning, but also by the number and quality of the links used. It’s up to date (but like all things won’t be in a year or two; hence the word revised and updated will come in) and shows in easy English what can be done.

The book is split into 7 chapters:
1. Taking ICT from zero to hero
2. ICT learning resources for every classroom
3. Activities in the ICT suite
4. The e-safety framework
5. Mobile technology
6. Literacy, digital literacy and ICT
7. Social media

Each section gives clear guidance on why, in 2013, it is important that such activities are being enacted by teachers. At the same time real examples, both of peers classroom activities, as well as websites are given.

There is a section on Twitter, which explains not only why and how it can be useful (as I wrote myself recently), but for the uninitiated there is a quick guide as well.

There are some great ideas about word clouds, using QR codes, and that most over-used programme ever, PowerPoint (or as comes across here using it to make PowerFull PowerPoints!) And I haven’t mentioned the digital literacy chapter with some great examples of where and how to look for information on the internet. There is also an excellent chapter on e-safety, covering what a school should have in place, in this key area for students’ protection today.

As a teacher of ICT, personally the most interesting part was the SAMR model. This taxonomy was explained clearly and usefully. It is something that I will be taking far more notice of, as a guide of where we are and where we could be. This is rightly placed at the start of the book and whilst easy to understand it should not put any one off the easily readable, practical nature of the rest of the book, which is relevant to all (both teachers AND parents).

I’d recommend that a copy should available to every school, so if you haven’t got one, why not get one.¬†Available from Amazon¬†(kindle e-book¬†/¬†hardcover) or other places if you wish.

word cloudMentioned in Chapter 2 of the book – Word Clouds showcasing key words

2 thoughts on “Perfect ICT Every Lesson – review

  1. I am enjoying reading it at the moment.
    Some great thoughts and pointers.
    Piers. UK

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