Why is typography important? Y7 ICT topic

I’ve been creating a new font today.

Well I did most of it anyway – it takes a while to create all 52 letters of our alphabet and then numbers and the special characters (99 in total in this programme). This has been achieved, at no cost, through a great website called FontStruct. Given how good the website is, I will be able to fit it into a four lesson unit about typography with the Year 7 (Grade 6) ICT programme under the banner of “Why is typography important?“.

Fontstruct programme

The likes of FontStruct help teachers in their explanation of what and why we use a style of typing (and writing) when we do, and students can actively create their own font. If their font is good enough then their peers will understand a message sent using it – one of the key fundamentals of communication.

Hope to have my own font created soon as a simplistic example for my students.

And this is my font (as yet unfinished):

Fontstruct example

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