Reasons for supporting the U17 World Cup

Well done FIFA for having the Under-17 Football World Cup matches (live) on TV.

I’m not privy to the workings of FIFA, but have just enjoyed another game of the U17 World Cup live on Eurosport.


Why is this important?

Well for a start these players are the ages (15-17 years old) that I teach. At my school we have/have had students who have represented their country at tennis/water polo/basketball etc. and so I see in these youths the fact that they could be my own students wearing with pride their countries shirt.

But also, in the UAE stadiums that have been scarcely populated by fans (there are a few passionate ones each game, but relative to the size of the stadiums are very small) it is great that such matches are on TV.

For those in the know here you see the potential stars of the future, those youths who still have so much to prove, who are looking for a professional contract, who are just starting out in their potential careers.

Is it great football, well it may not at Premiership standards but then I support Gloucester City (no disrespect meant), and I’m sure that these youths would give them a run for their money if they came to Whaddon Road.

So well done FIFA, for making such games available! Not sure I would attend if they were being played at the Red Star (Црвена Звезда) or Partizan (Партизан) stadiums, close to where I live here in Belgrade (though might if there), but I for one have enjoyed watching the games on TV, and look forward to seeing who will be crowned as the U17 World Champions.

The schedule of matches can be found here. The final is on November 8th, between whom one does not know when this post is written, but the first round is very intriguing and with Brazil winning their first two (of three) first round matches 6-1 then they have too be hot favourites.

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