Animation lesson (with Trumpton included)

I just finished reviewing a couple of lessons for Year 7 (US Grade 6) students using the free programme Pivot Stickfigure Animator.

Once whilst watching an episode of “Trumpton” with my youngest son, and the subsequent interview with Gordon Murray (by myself), I realised that this would make an excellent introduction lesson starter to animation.

If students watched one episode and the interview as a starter they could then calculate how many frames where needed per episode (and then for the whole Trumpton series), based upon the fps (frames per second) used by Pivot Stickfigure Animator.

Then, creating after creating (a non-violent) animation they compare how many frames they had created to an episode of Trumpton, and therefore how many seconds of real film would be created. By watching Trumpton and calculating the number of frames it will put it into perspective of how much more is needed to create something professionally.

And I get to watch an episode in class, and re-live my dim and distant youth J !

Here is a wordle image of the text in this blog post.

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